#TodayInTheStudio - Seabear

Perfection in Process

Photographer: Spencer Wallace

Digi Tech: Ian Vanzant

Food Stylist: Jean Galton

Producer: Karen Woodard

Camera: Canon 5D Mk iv

Lenses: 24-70mm f/2.8 L, Canon 100mm f/2.8 L

Lighting: PCB Einstien, medium, and large soft boxes, Rosco 3008



Chef Dominique has been cooking for over 50 years, perfecting his recipes, and taking care that they are carried out with precision in all of Seabear's products. We were tasked with capturing those processes in which the salmon is prepared and crafted into a variety of final products. 


Curing Salt



We stuck with a bright and clean vibe throughout the shoot to allow for the images to be used in a variety of formats. 

Hot Smoked


hors d'oeuvre

Lox Buffet

The whole team stepped up and killed it in the clean room (first time for everything haha). Jean's food styling expertise allowed us to be efficient and it minimized adjustments. Ian, as always kept things tidy and running smoothly. And a big thanks to Karen for making it all happen! 


Added Value


Add value for your potential clients. 

The goal of every company is to sell their product or service. If you can assist with that goal alongside creating fantastic images, then you will win. 

Ways To Add Value

  • Graphic design

  • Branding

  • Expertise in your field

  • Marketing savvy

  • Large network to support your clients

  • Having photo, video and graphic design in house

  • Giving a guaranty

  • Being a nice person


Client X is looking for a food photographer. He has identified a few options but in the end, you win the bid because you show that you are an expert marketer. You show the client how he can creatively use your photography to get more people in the door. BOOM, value added. The other photographer might have taken a slightly better picture of his food but there is more to this business than pretty pictures.

Concept to final design



Go Nuts and be the company that does everything. You will ultimately fail because you cannot provide excellent service in every area. Know your strong points and use them to your advantage when marketing your service. This is one key to a successful business. 

#TodayInTheStudio - Under Armour

Fall Test Shoot for Under Armour Women. 

When planning this shoot I was hoping to keep everything as clean as possible to draw focus to the clothes and the form of the model. The locations, colors, and clothing really came together to create the mood I was looking for, cold and reminiscent of fall. Enjoy. 

  • Model: Natalie Sifferman, SMG
  • Assistant: Will G McNeil
  • MUA: Shannon Bruno


Set Up: All the running shots are Natural light.


Set up: Natural light

Set up: Octobox camera left


Set up: Octobox in camera right, strip box pointed at the background. 




The Crew

These awesome people kicked butt!

These awesome people kicked butt!

Thanks for checking out my work. Follow along on Instagram for more!

#TodayInTheStudio - Thread Etiquette Watches

Thread Etiquette reached out to me on Instagram to shoot their Chrono collection.  I was very excited about the open ended creative brief. I was given free reign to style the watches however I wanted. To be honest I went a few different directions, just because I could. One of the watches is black and white which allowed me to use light to focus on the shape and build quality of the watch. In particular the macro photo of the crown and face. For the other two watches I opted to style them with complimentary colors and objects such as the bow tie and bracelets. 

Watch the BTS to find out more!


  • Canon 5D MkIII - Tethered to Macbook Pro and Lightroom CC
  • 100mm f/2.8 L
  • 3 x Paul C Buff Einstien 640w
  • Medium Softbox
  • strip box
  • 7in can with 20* grid
  • Rocknroller multi cart R12
  • Rosco #3008 Tough Frost Diffusion (to create Gradients on the glass)    


For many of these photos we used a Einstien strobe pointed through Rosco 3008 Tough Frost diffusion  to create a large light source that gives the soft gradient across the face of the watch.

We also bounced light in the rim of the watches to create highlights and shadows. 

Using natural light mixed with strobes helped give a natural asthetic

Final Images

Thread Etiquette--8.jpg

#BTS Photos

Next time on #TodayInTheStudio we will be give a full walkthrough of the new studio

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#TodayInTheStudio - Compositing


Many photos these days would be impossible to capture without compositing: The act of combining multiple exposures into one final piece. The bellow photo is made up of 16 different photos. Each puff of "Snow" is a separate photo. All combined over a base image of the subject. 

Use the slider to see before and after. 

"Thoughts to Pixels"

Photography allows us to capture what we see in real life but I also allows us to bring our imagination to life. Taking a photo is just the first step in transferring your thoughts to pixels. 

Things to keep in mind when compositing

If you are shooting a moving subject, like the "snow" in this photo, make sure to keep the things that are going to be stationary, stationary. In post production it will only make it harder if you have the model moving around.

In order to to have everything come out on the other end make sure to: 

  • Use a tripod
  • Use the same lens at the same focus length when shooting multiple scenes.
  • Shoot more than you need, you never know what you will need when you are editing.
  • Keep the quality of the light semi consistent.

This is a very basic composite but if you would like to get more in-depth check out this tutorial by RGG|EDU

The Complete Guide To Composite Photography

As always, let me know I have any questions. 

Keep creating!

Minted Store - Photoshoot

Rachel Nanfelt, a Minted designer, has a well light home studio where she designs beautiful custom cards and stationary that is sold on her Minted Store. When the time for her to update her photos, she turned to me to help. 


Minted-Rachel Nanfelt-3.jpg

Though not every shoot warrants a paid stylist, the client in this case was a designer, which was a huge asset and made the shoot run even more smoothly. Rachel had 7 different set-ups ready to go, with props and backdrops, and it was up to me to capture them with the perfect lighting.


With so much natural light inside Rachel’s studio, only a small amount of additional lighting was necessary on the subjects. To accomplish this, I bounced a single AB800 off the white ceiling. For a bit of directionality, I pointed the light camera to the right and away from the subjects.



For the overhead photos, I used the same lighting and fashioned a support system that enabled me to achieve the composition I was looking for. I used two light stands and a crossbar for support, then hung my camera from the middle using a super clamp. Doing this enabled me and any assisting staff plenty of room to move props and adjust lighting without a pesky tripod getting in the way.

Cross bar set up

Cross bar set up

Final Images

Overall, the resulting photos were warm, inviting and full of the charm that’s indicative of Rachel’s Minted Store. To see more of her incredible, hand-painted work, please visit her shop at: store