Every photography project is different. It’s nearly impossible to come up with a one-size-fits-all pricing strategy. Asking a photographer how much they charge is almost like asking, “How much is a bag of groceries?”. Because every client and project is unique, each requires a custom price. Typically eCommerce photography is standard enough that we can work from a general pricing guideline. To learn more about our eCommerce services, please see below.

For all other projects, please contact us at any time to see how we can work with your budget!


Interactive 360 Product Demos

Show all sides of your products in one frame. This does require a compatible website but there are many ways to work this into your eCommerce site. 

Color Swapping

If you have a product with multiple colors it is economical to just change the color in photoshop. To do so, all we need the HEX code or Pantone number. 

product-photography-Vertipod-maroon-by-spencer wallace photo
product-photography-Vertipod-navy-by-spencer wallace photo

Lifestyle Product Photography

Bring your products to life by placing them in creative or natural environments.



Boxes, wallets, sunglasses and other simple products

$40 = 1 - 40 products

$30 = 40 + products


  • Minor cleaning and prep work.

  • Editing and retouching minor flaws

  • Cropped and sized for your site

  • Arraigning multiple items

  • PNG - Transparent 

  • 5 -7 day turn around

*Some Products Require Extra Attention And Are Priced Per Project.

*Discount for multiple photos of a single product. 


360 degree photos

1-10 products = $220

11+ products = $175

In Use/Styled

Is it a crane? a Knife? A loaf of bread? 

Price? Every product and application is different, Let's talk first. 

Color Swap

Starting at $10 per color

Drop Shadow

$8 per product


Custom eCommerce Look

Everyone has their products photographed on a white background but to stand out and give your brand an edge we can develop a custom look for your website.

We will custom built sets, add colored or textured backgrounds, models, props, a dog....? 

Before we get carried away let's talk. 

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