A proper visual strategy

You have a product, you think its amazing, it has heart, it's better than the competition, and looks better too. We have the know how to make those things come to life in the form of amazing visuals on every platform.

Baton Vapor is a perfect example of a client we have helped with every aspect.



The shape and size of the Baton required a keen attention to detail. We used focus stacking and small light sources in order to capture a sharp image and to create contrast. The modular nature allowed us to get creative with the layout which in turn helped convey the different advantages of the product. Because you don't always know how knock-out images will be used in the future it is important to capture everything.

Hero-Rose gold-2 copy.jpg

Hero Image

Thomas at Baton wanted to position the product away from the traditional norms of their industry.  That meant clean modern styling. These images are primarily used in paid advertising and web banners. They are a great way to spark interest and establish the brands identity. 

Comp 2.gif


Baton is a refillable but customers would have a hard time understanding exactly how to do so. This isn't always a very clean process so we avoided traditional video. Because of the control and looped nature, animated photos are perfect for demonstrating product features or giving instructions on how-to's. 



Along with the work in the studio we continued by creating images that firmly establish the devices target market. We created 6 specific hero images and a variety of social media content over the course of the day. 



Every brand needs an abundance of content in order to stay top of mind. We can make that happen.



During the same day we simultaneously captured motion to go along with the stills. The teaser shows the design, ease of use, as well as working to continually shape the brand identity.   


“It is challenging in finding the right product photographer for your products. It is especially hard if they do not understand the creative vision you are seeking for. The thing about Spencer is that he is able to understand the lightbulb in your head and convey it through his photography whilst incorporating his own ideas. The end result is images that represent your product in the most exceptional way possible”

— Thomas Vo, CEO

If you need help with any or all of what we have done here for Baton we look forward to talking with you!

See it all in action www.BatonVapor.com