#TodayInTheStudio - Compositing


Many photos these days would be impossible to capture without compositing: The act of combining multiple exposures into one final piece. The bellow photo is made up of 16 different photos. Each puff of "Snow" is a separate photo. All combined over a base image of the subject. 

Use the slider to see before and after. 

"Thoughts to Pixels"

Photography allows us to capture what we see in real life but I also allows us to bring our imagination to life. Taking a photo is just the first step in transferring your thoughts to pixels. 

Things to keep in mind when compositing

If you are shooting a moving subject, like the "snow" in this photo, make sure to keep the things that are going to be stationary, stationary. In post production it will only make it harder if you have the model moving around.

In order to to have everything come out on the other end make sure to: 

  • Use a tripod

  • Use the same lens at the same focus length when shooting multiple scenes.

  • Shoot more than you need, you never know what you will need when you are editing.

  • Keep the quality of the light semi consistent.

This is a very basic composite but if you would like to get more in-depth check out this tutorial by RGG|EDU

The Complete Guide To Composite Photography

As always, let me know I have any questions. 

Keep creating!

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