Staying Organized

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Here at Spencer Wallace photo we use a variety of services and softwares to keep our lives simple(er). I wont go into too much detail but I will link out to some great resources. We have found that these services and softwares are the best at tackling the problems they solve. We have no loyalty to these services, If something else does it better we will switch. It's about making life easier! 

The list....

Email, calendar and storage

All these apps play so nicely together!

  • Gmail - Easily attached documents from Google drive.
  • Drive - Cheap cloud storage - 100GB for $2 a month!
  • Google Calendar - The cleanest and one of the most used calendars out there.
  • Dropbox - Not everyone has Google Drive. It is necessary to be avaliable to accept or send files via Dropbox

Daily tasks and client workflow

  • Trello - This is a life saver! This app is a place to keep all your notes, to-do's, ideas, and even create custom workflows. It also allows teams to collaborate on ideas. 



  • Squarespace - Easy website building. 
  • Shootproof - This is a client gallery that also integrates hosting, sales, and printing. 


  • Moo - Advertising collateral. Business cards, flyers, mailers. They have the best paper! 
  • Bay photo - The best and quickest photo print lab. 



  • Google Adwords Express - easy, targeted, low maintenance pay per click ads.
  • Instagram - The best free (or paid!) platform to showcase your work and get your name out to potential clients. 


After writing that list I realized how much I rely on the internet and what it has enabled photographers to keep things strait. Shout out to all the entrepreneurs!

Let me know if you have any questions. 



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