#TodayInTheStudio - Thread Etiquette Watches

Thread Etiquette reached out to me on Instagram to shoot their Chrono collection.  I was very excited about the open ended creative brief. I was given free reign to style the watches however I wanted. To be honest I went a few different directions, just because I could. One of the watches is black and white which allowed me to use light to focus on the shape and build quality of the watch. In particular the macro photo of the crown and face. For the other two watches I opted to style them with complimentary colors and objects such as the bow tie and bracelets. 

Watch the BTS to find out more!


  • Canon 5D MkIII - Tethered to Macbook Pro and Lightroom CC
  • 100mm f/2.8 L
  • 3 x Paul C Buff Einstien 640w
  • Medium Softbox
  • strip box
  • 7in can with 20* grid
  • Rocknroller multi cart R12
  • Rosco #3008 Tough Frost Diffusion (to create Gradients on the glass)    


For many of these photos we used a Einstien strobe pointed through Rosco 3008 Tough Frost diffusion  to create a large light source that gives the soft gradient across the face of the watch.

We also bounced light in the rim of the watches to create highlights and shadows. 

Using natural light mixed with strobes helped give a natural asthetic

Final Images

Thread Etiquette--8.jpg

#BTS Photos

Next time on #TodayInTheStudio we will be give a full walkthrough of the new studio

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