Added Value


Add value for your potential clients. 

The goal of every company is to sell their product or service. If you can assist with that goal alongside creating fantastic images, then you will win. 

Ways To Add Value

  • Graphic design

  • Branding

  • Expertise in your field

  • Marketing savvy

  • Large network to support your clients

  • Having photo, video and graphic design in house

  • Giving a guaranty

  • Being a nice person


Client X is looking for a food photographer. He has identified a few options but in the end, you win the bid because you show that you are an expert marketer. You show the client how he can creatively use your photography to get more people in the door. BOOM, value added. The other photographer might have taken a slightly better picture of his food but there is more to this business than pretty pictures.

Concept to final design



Go Nuts and be the company that does everything. You will ultimately fail because you cannot provide excellent service in every area. Know your strong points and use them to your advantage when marketing your service. This is one key to a successful business. 

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