#TodayInTheStudio - Seabear

Perfection in Process

Photographer: Spencer Wallace

Digi Tech: Ian Vanzant

Food Stylist: Jean Galton

Producer: Karen Woodard

Camera: Canon 5D Mk iv

Lenses: 24-70mm f/2.8 L, Canon 100mm f/2.8 L

Lighting: PCB Einstien, medium, and large soft boxes, Rosco 3008



Chef Dominique has been cooking for over 50 years, perfecting his recipes, and taking care that they are carried out with precision in all of Seabear's products. We were tasked with capturing those processes in which the salmon is prepared and crafted into a variety of final products. 


Curing Salt



We stuck with a bright and clean vibe throughout the shoot to allow for the images to be used in a variety of formats. 

Hot Smoked


hors d'oeuvre

Lox Buffet

The whole team stepped up and killed it in the clean room (first time for everything haha). Jean's food styling expertise allowed us to be efficient and it minimized adjustments. Ian, as always kept things tidy and running smoothly. And a big thanks to Karen for making it all happen!