Stark Gloves - Amazon Seller Success Story


Selling in a Competitive Space

Professional Photography gives you an edge on Amazon.

Client: Stark Gloves - Cut Gloves

Issue: Standing out from competitors w/ high end look.

Stark Safe is a manufacturer of gloves that keep chefs’ hands safe while using sharp kitchen objects. After developing their products, establishing their brand, and working with suppliers, they were finally ready to release their gloves to the masses!

Stark Safe found a photographer to snap some quick product photos, they put their listings up on Amazon and were ready to sell. What came next was not what Stark Safe had spent months working towards. Their inbox did not fill up with orders waiting to be fulfilled, but instead, they were seeing slow sales volume and in turn, a decreased Amazon store rating for their brand. This was not the launch they had worked so hard for.

After discussing the disheartening results with their team, they soon understood that they rushed one of the final, but crucial steps of the process - the crisp photography that would allow their products to stand out. Their current, quick snapshots were not working.

After meeting the owner of Spencer Wallace Photo at an industry event, Stark Safe reached out to him to discuss their needs. SWP learned about what they were seeking to achieve and the competitive edge of their products. With a proper budget in place, Spencer Wallace Photo designed a look to elevate Stark Safe Gloves.

This particular photo demonstrates the perfect use-case for Stark Safe Gloves while being anchored in an environment fitting of their high caliber products and target market

After implementing the suite of images, Stark Safe was able to increase sales by 36%.   

In a world with millions of products being sold online, it’s paramount that your photography allows your potential customers to feel the quality of your product, and you have to do this all with an image. It isn’t just about creating a great product, that has to be coupled with photography that allows your customers to feel confident in what they are purchasing.

The first thing to make that impression is your photography.

Make it count.