Minted Store - Photoshoot

Rachel Nanfelt, a Minted designer, has a well light home studio where she designs beautiful custom cards and stationary that is sold on her Minted Store. When the time for her to update her photos, she turned to me to help. 


Minted-Rachel Nanfelt-3.jpg

Though not every shoot warrants a paid stylist, the client in this case was a designer, which was a huge asset and made the shoot run even more smoothly. Rachel had 7 different set-ups ready to go, with props and backdrops, and it was up to me to capture them with the perfect lighting.


With so much natural light inside Rachel’s studio, only a small amount of additional lighting was necessary on the subjects. To accomplish this, I bounced a single AB800 off the white ceiling. For a bit of directionality, I pointed the light camera to the right and away from the subjects.



For the overhead photos, I used the same lighting and fashioned a support system that enabled me to achieve the composition I was looking for. I used two light stands and a crossbar for support, then hung my camera from the middle using a super clamp. Doing this enabled me and any assisting staff plenty of room to move props and adjust lighting without a pesky tripod getting in the way.

Cross bar set up

Cross bar set up

Final Images

Overall, the resulting photos were warm, inviting and full of the charm that’s indicative of Rachel’s Minted Store. To see more of her incredible, hand-painted work, please visit her shop at: store