New Photo and Video Studio Rental in Downtown Everett

spencer wallace photo studio rental video-1 copy.jpg

Hi there! I'm Spencer, the owner. Our studio is in a brick industrial building in downtown Everett. This is a professional photo & film studio perfect for photography, green screen shoots, headshots, editorial, fashion, portrait, commercial, and product films.

Studio: 750sf of open shooting space. 11ft ceilings. Separate area w/ conference table and kitchenette.


  • Time includes load in and out of the building

  • Someone will be on site at all times in the office portion of the studio. They will be there to help you with anything you need but will usually be working on the computer w/ headphones on.


  • Free Wifi 50MBS Download and 50MBS Upload (great for streaming)

  • Kitchenette: mini fridge, coffee pot w/ coffee and cream, pour over set up, microwave.

  • 4 chair conference table w/ power.

  • 1x 4 shelf rolling bakers rack for props. 1x 4-foot table,

  • 3/4-length mirror

  • Floral love seat Lighting:

  • 4 Paul C buff Einstien's

  • 2 strip boxes, 4ft octobox, large and medium softboxes. beauty dish. 7in reflectors, grids.

  • Aputure 120D

  • Aputure 1ls

  • Aputure 1/2 ls x 2


  • White, black, and green screen full seamless backdrops

  • 1 Large window w/blackout curtain

  • 8ft studio stand w/ boom arm - 8x8 w/ silk, black, green.

  • A 5-surface convertible bounce/reflector disk

  • 5 v-flats black/white

  • 6 - 15lb sandbags

  • 2 - 20lb sandbags - 4x Apple Boxes

  • Lighting Filters - Color Gels - Reflectors - Flags

  • Light stands

  • 10 x C-Stands with Grip Heads and Arms - Fog Machine - Fan - Clamps

  • 2x Stingers 25ft (Extension Cords) - Powerstrips - Gloves

  • 10 ft Ladder

We also feature the ability to hire assistants, photographers, MUA's, cinematographers, and other staff, as well as the ability to get you any other equipment you should need, given proper notice. Have any questions about our features, equipment, services, or anything else? Just contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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