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Cheesecake Factory Famous Brown Bread

15 Second Spots


Hey Bread and Butter team,

We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with you and the team to show the world that you can now get Cheesecake Factory Famous Brown Bread in stores. This project is exactly what we love to do. Tasty food and Smooth enticing shots.

To make it all happen we will continue to work closely with you on the story board in order to create awesome content. Also, we will handle all aspects of production at our studio including set builds, logistics, and catering. Also, If you and your team are okay with it we will be shooting BTS photos and video of the production that we would be happy to pass along for your use as well.  

We look forward to working with you!



Who are we

We are comprehensive production company and for the last 5 years we have had the pleasure of partnering with brands creating lasting imagery that makes an impact. Getting our start in the marketing world gives us the unique advantage of knowing how to position your products it a way that not only looks good but sells.

Our studio is currently located in the growing city of Everett, Washington, were we focus primarily on capturing consumer products in their best light, whether in stills or motion.

When advertising a product or brand, images are often the first impression potential customers have and you want it to count. Whether it's on-white photos for the website, a hero banner, lifestyle imagery, or a proper video to bring it all together, we want to partner with you to help put your best foot forward.                             

Let's create exceptional images together.


Spencer Wallace - Founder/Photographer/ Director

Living life in Everett with my wife and dog in our 1920 home. Remodeling homes in my down time.


Jake Torrey - Producer/DP Passionate people person and world traveler.


Our Process

Video Process

  1. Discuss the objective of the video, overall look and feel, and how the video will be implemented and distributed.

  2. Put together a shot list and story board.

  3. Prep day.

  4. Shoot days.

  5. The Edit

    1. Content approval, 7-10 business days

      • long, no color grade, has the general flow of the video, place holder titles.

    2. Second pass - 4-5 days

      • Close to final timing, dialing in color grade,

    3. Third pass - 4-5 days

      • Color grade, graphics, transitions, audio affects.

  6. Final edits are made and video versions are delivered to you and your team.

Mood board


Goals and Deliverables

The goal of this video is to communicate to the large fan base of brown bread fanatics that they can easily satisfy their craving at a story near them. They are already familiar with the flavor and quality so we will focus on catching their eye with familiar yet exciting imagery. Stop motion, slow motion, macro and smooth rotations will all be used.

As you have mentioned the complexity of fitting in all 8 pieces of content into 1 day requires a good amount of pre pro. To accommodate that we have included a pre-production prep day in which we will lay out each shot, set the lighting, and program the motion control rigs.


  • 8 Pieces of final content:

    • 3 - Product-centric Videos (:15s): Featuring product alone and with packaging.

    • 1 - All up (:30s): One all up featuring all of the products together with packaging.

    • 4 - Boomerang style videos of each of the 4 previous pieces of content


Creative Fee - $6000

  • Creative meetings

  • 1 Prep day

  • 1 Shoot day

Production - $7900

  • Director

  • DP

  • Assistant - Digi-Tech/grip

  • Food stylist

  • Catering

  • Rentals - Video package, video village, Grip, Motion control, lenses, lighting.

Post Production - $8,300

  • Video Editing 70-80 hours - 3 versions - final invoice will reflect actual time.

    • Premier Pro (general editing) includes:

      • Compiling

      • Timing

      • Transitions

      • Audio

      • Color Grading

      • Finalizing (Exporting to H.264/MOV/MP4 etc...)

    • After effects

      • object removal

      • Screen replacement

      • Titles

  • Photo Retouching

    • 3 Hero images of bread in packaging


Total $22,200 + 0 tax

After approval of the estimate we will follow up with the terms and contract.

Talent Not included

Let's create exceptional images together!

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