Since every photography project is different, it’s nearly impossible to come up with a one-size-fits-all pricing strategy. Asking a photographer how much they charge is almost like asking, “how much is a bag of groceries?". Every client and project is unique, therefore each requires a custom price. These prices reflect a base line, but many types of photography have varying levels of difficulty, licensing needs, and size of the production. Those factors will affect the final cost.

Please contact us at any time to see how we can work with your budget!



This is the formula for all things epic! Think big ideas coming to life, advertising campaigns, models, look books, web banners, billboards, magazine covers, etc.


Pre Production + Creative Day Rate $1800 + Additional Licensing + Gear Rental + Retouching + Props

Plus Specialist if necessary - See below


More examples

Product, Food, Architecture, People


Typically, eCommerce photography is standard enough that we can work from a general pricing guideline. To learn more about making your eCommerce photos stand out and our pricing, go here.

Couple this with tastefully styled photos to round out your website! 

"Social Media" Photoshoots

Social media demands constant content creation on a budget; we get that. This level of production works well for a coffee shop, restaurant, car dealership, local business etc. Think casual but creative.

Expect around 25 final photos per hour of shooting. 
Boomerangs, gifs, and short videos can also be created upon request. 

$120/hr + $60/hr Retouching


Architecture and Interiors

Every space is an art piece. Whether you are the architect, builder or current resident, showing off your style in an inviting way is paramount.

Pre Production + Creative Day Rate $1800 + Additional Licensing + Gear Rental + Retouching



Your headshot says more about you than you may think. Are you approachable? Funny? Easy going? 

Do I look like a person I would do business with?

Capture your company culture with individual and group photo sessions starting at $150 per person. 

Individual headshots sessions start at $325


Assistant $250+

Food/Product Stylist $450+

Wardrobe Stylist $350+

Makeup Artist $350+

(Price per day)

We can't wait help you with your next project!