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Hey Michael,

We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with you to make your life easier and the customer experience better. With our experience in handling these types of projects we can assure you that the images will be executed with excellence. To make it all happen we will continue to work closely as we set things up. File structure, naming conventions, and lighting style will all be walked through. Once we have the products in hand we will handle all aspects of production at our studio including set builds, logistics, and retouching.

If there is anything this proposal is missing please let me know.

We look forward to working with you!



Who are we

We are comprehensive production company and for the last 5 years we have had the pleasure of partnering with brands creating lasting imagery that makes an impact. Getting our start in the marketing world gives us the unique advantage of knowing how to position your products it a way that not only looks good but sells.

Our studio is currently located in the growing city of Everett, Washington, were we focus primarily on capturing consumer products in their best light, whether in stills or motion.

When advertising a product or brand, images are often the first impression potential customers have and you want it to count. Whether it's on-white photos for the website, a hero banner, lifestyle imagery, or a proper video to bring it all together, we want to partner with you to help put your best foot forward.                             

Let's create exceptional images together.


Spencer Wallace - Founder/Photographer/ Director

Living life in Everett with my wife and dog in our 1920 home. Remodeling homes in my down time.


Jake Torrey - Producer/DP Passionate people person and world traveler.


Past Work

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 2.45.16 PM.png

Our Process

Photo Process

  1. Discuss the objective of the photos, overall look and feel, and how the photos will be implemented.

  2. Put together a shot list and notes via Google sheet

  3. Product Arrives. Schedule shoot Day.

  4. Shoot days. Day 1

  5. Send rough images for approval, Day 2

  6. Retouch all images. Day 4 - 8

  7. Deliver edited photos. Day 10 - 14

  8. Return Product after photos are signed off.


On White Images

To account for set up and the bottle neck of writing and photo direction quantity discounts will be based on a two week period instead of a single shoot.

  • 1-5 images = $75.00 per photo

  • 6-10 images = $60.00 per photo

  • 11-30 images = $48.00 per photo

  • 31-100 images = $37.00 per photo

  • 101-200 images = $32.00 per photo

  • 201-300 images = $30.00 per photo

  • 301-1,000 images = $27.00 per photo

  • 1,000+ = contact


  • Light assembly

  • Standard cleaning and prep work.

  • Retouching minor flaws.

  • Isolated on pure white background.

  • Cropped and sized for your site.

  • 2 File types

    • TIF shadow on separate layer, 3000px x 3000px

    • PSD Full Resolution, approximately 6000px x4000px

Not Included:

Compositing, custom sets, advanced photoshop, models, props.

In Use Images

  • $120 = Per image


  • Small props

  • Location/set building - i.e. baseboard, tile, bolts, table with wires.

  • Light assembly

  • Standard cleaning and prep work.

  • Retouching minor flaws.

Not Included: Talent (construction worker, mechanic, DIY dad, etc).

360 Degree Photos

  • 18 image Rotation

    • $210 = 1-20 products

    • $190 = 21+ products

  • 36 Image Rotation

    • $280 = 1-20 products

    • $240 = 21+ products

Post Production

  • Photo Retouching

    • Cost included in individual item pricing

    • 2 file types

    • Additional edits

After approval of the estimate we will follow up with the terms and contract.

Let's create exceptional images together!

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